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Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems


Why should I consider Access Control for my Business?

  • Improved Security. Electronic access control enables businesses to easily control who enters their workplace
  • Audit Control. Our systems track and record who enters and exits a building and at what time
  • Health and Safety. With the disturbing issues the world has faced with COVID–19, access control software provides a contactless function, meaning multiple staff won’t be touching common surfaces on a daily basis such as; key pads, door handles and exit switches.
  • People Lose Keys. If someone loses a key, it may mean you need to change a lock to ensure the lost key cannot be used. New keys must then be distributed to each person that requires access.
  • Keys Don’t Have an Audit Trail. You cannot have vision of when someone has used a key and therefore you do not know who has entered your building and at what time.
  • Keys are Difficult to Manage. If people require access to multiple areas, they will need a variety of keys, which is inconvenient to carry and use.

Why Should I Choose QUEST Electrical?

QUEST Electrical are a leading designer, developer and installer of access control systems.

At a very basic level, access control is a means of controlling and monitoring who enters a location and when. Many people enter and exit work places every day.  Standard doors with key entry do not provide data, increased security or improved health and safety.

Modern access control systems use RFID technology, which can be used in fobs, phones, cards, wristbands and many other types of products.

QUEST Electrical provide a FREE site survey, consultation and quotation service. If you would like to understand how to integrate an access control system then Quest will find a  solutions to match you requirements, budget and need.


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