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Quest Electrical is still open for business should you need our support during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a key supplier of both Electrical Contracting and Electrical Wholesale into food and health environments, Quest Electrical is taking its commitment to staff and customers very seriously in order to keep everybody safe while ensuring the wheels of the industries keep turning.
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QUEST are distributors of a wide range of electrical cable products from manufacturers such as AEI, Clynder, Lapp and much more. Our competitive pricing means our customers receive the best current prices on the market.
5471C SL005: Alpha Wire 1 Pair Screened Multipair Industrial Cable 0.23mm² Grey 30m
New -61 %
Number of Pairs: 1 Cross Sectional Area: 0.23 mm² Cable Type: Twisted Pair American Wire Gauge: 24 AWG Outer Diameter: 3.96mm Shield Type: F/UTP Outer Sheath Material: PVC Characteristic Impedance: 54 Ω Screened/Unscreened: Screened Core Strands: 7/0.2 mm Voltage Rating..
£11.00 £28.44
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