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Quest Electrical is still open for business should you need our support during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a key supplier of both Electrical Contracting and Electrical Wholesale into food and health environments, Quest Electrical is taking its commitment to staff and customers very seriously in order to keep everybody safe while ensuring the wheels of the industries keep turning.
If you are in need of our help please call 01282 838000

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21 May LED Lighting Systems – Top of the Class for School Lighting
matt 0 10
Today’s LED lighting systems offer schools a range of important solutions. They cut the cost of energy and maintenance, thus increasing the capitation available for educational purposes; they provide ..
20 Apr LED Lighting Systems – The Smart Solution For Business
matt 0 59
LED lighting systems offer businesses solutions to a range of challenges. They cut energy costs, reduce maintenance, provide optimal lighting conditions and help the company reduce its carbon footprin..
25 Feb What is an EICR Report? Information for Businesses and Landlords
matt 0 297
EICR stands for Electrical Installation Condition Report. It is the report which businesses and landlords receive after a fixed wire test has been carried out on their premises. Fixed wire testing is ..
25 Feb What is PAT Testing and Why Is It Important?
matt 0 61
Portable Appliance Testing or PAT testing is the examination of portable electrical equipment and appliances to make sure they are safe to use. While not compulsory, a PAT test provides a more thoroug..
25 Feb PAT Testing - Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered
matt 0 84
Quest Electrical receives lots of questions about PAT testing. Here are the answers to some of the most frequent ones we get asked. What is PAT testing?The term PAT stands for Portable Appliance Testi..
25 Feb Is Fixed Wire Testing a Legal Requirement?
matt 0 141
Essential information for business owners, commercial and domestic landlords and commercial tenants.Fixed wire testing is the process of testing the safety of the electrical circuits installed on your..
24 Sep A 25 year QUEST continues...
0 375
A local electrical contracting and wholesale company is celebrating after one of their employees is celebrating 25 years with the business.Damian Graham joined Quest Electrical as a delivery driver ag..
03 Jul Modern Commercial & Industrial Lighting
gary 0 530
Finding the correct lighting solution is crucial for any company that has commercial or Industrial premises. Commercial & Industrial lighting is very different to the residential variety, and the diff..
01 Jun Electrical Safety in the Workplace
0 643
Electrical safety in the WorkplaceElectrical safety in the workplace should be of primary importance to all organisations; it certainly is to us. Those who are at most at risk of injury relating to el..
15 Apr Choosing the Right Supplier
0 399
Electrical Wholesale and ContractingSupport is essential to ensure you obtain the appropriate electrical equipment and have it installed correctly and safely. When approaching an electrical wholesaler..
18 Feb Best LED Lighting Products
gary 0 10102
Many of the UK’s famous and not-so-famous corner retails stores are packed to the brim with items for sale that customers don’t actually see. Honestly, people can walk by a shelf of items that haven’t..
15 Sep Adidas - Case Study
gary 0 14124
Adidas UK has again engaged Quest Contracting Services following previous high-profile projects at the Adidas UK headquarters in Stockport, the Trafford Park Distribution Centre in Manchester and the ..
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