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28 Feb Commercial Lighting Predictions for 2022
matt 0 732
New innovations and changing trends mean commercial lighting is constantly evolving. With the new year now well underway, we look at what 2022 potentially has in store for the lighting of the UK’s com..
07 Feb A Guide to Fixed Wire and PAT Testing in the IT Industry
matt 0 807
The IT sector’s heavy reliance on electrical systems and equipment means testing is important for both safety and business continuity. Here, we explain the fixed wire and PAT testing regulations for f..
21 Jan How LEDs are Transforming the Farming Industry
matt 0 705
The UK farming industry has been under pressure for decades. With supermarket competition constantly keeping prices low, farmers rely heavily on subsidies to make ends meet. Increasingly, they are tur..
20 Jan How LEDs Help Businesses Comply with New Regulations
matt 0 406
Do you have halogen or fluorescent lighting on your business premises, or lighting fixtures where the bulb cannot be replaced? If so, new government regulations mean you’ll need to replace them with c..
28 Dec Social Housing Emergency LED Lighting Solutions
matt 0 322
In the aftermath of Grenfell, social housing landlords are having to re-evaluate the safety of all their high rise, multi-tenancy properties. While minimising risks, such as cladding, is a major prior..
21 Dec How Car Park Operators Benefit From EV Chargers
matt 0 249
With an expanding population, growth in the number of qualified drivers and easy access to financing, the number of cars on British roads continues to increase. So, too, does the number of car parks. ..
30 Nov Smart Emergency Lighting Solutions for Universities
matt 0 341
Sprawling campuses packed with thousands of staff and students make the maintenance of emergency lighting a significant challenge for universities and colleges. With densely populated, high rise stude..
23 Nov Sustainable Lighting Solutions for Social Landlords
matt 0 365
With the built environment producing almost a third of the UK’s carbon emissions, the social housing sector faces increasing pressure to decarbonise rapidly to meet the government’s 2035 and 2050 targ..
22 Oct Fixed Wire and PAT Testing Guide for Arts, Entertainment and Recreation
matt 0 538
In this article, we explain the fixed wire and PAT testing regulations for companies within the arts, entertainment and recreation industries. What are fixed wire and PAT tests?Fixed wire testing is t..
06 Oct Smart Emergency Lighting Solutions for Hospitals
matt 0 330
Smart Emergency Lighting Solutions for Hospitals Nowhere needs effective emergency lighting more than a hospital. Should an evacuation be required during a power outage, emergency lighting is essentia..
28 Sep Why LED Lighting is the Right Solution for Commercial Fit-Outs
matt 0 303
Why LED Lighting is the Right Solution for Commercial Fit-Outs Corporate responsibility, regulation and changes in consumer attitudes are driving commercial property owners and developers to look for ..
13 Sep 3 Compelling Reasons to Rethink In-Store Lighting
matt 0 292
The ongoing growth in online shopping is forcing many retailers to reconsider how to make effective use of their store space while finding new ways to attract customers through their doors. At the sam..
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