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CompEx - ATEX & DSEAR Service Qualified Contractors

CompEx is a globally recognised scheme for individuals who work anywhere where an explosive atmosphere exists. This scheme is the most globally recognised accreditation for those working in a variety of demanding and potentially dangerous sectors installing ATEX & DSEAR equipment.

Here at Quest Electrical, we are proud to announce that we have engineers who have accomplished this industry-leading qualification. As the CompEx scheme is designed to assess the capability of those who complete it, it is yet more proof of the high calibre of staff we employ and the standards we adhere to.

UKAS Accredited

CompEx is the only certification body that delivers UKAS accredited qualifications to those who work in industries such as electrical contracting. Accredited to the ISO/IEC 17024:2012 standard by UKAS, it validates the competency and knowledge of those who hold it.

CompEx Electrical Contracting EX01 - EX04

The CompEx course which our electricians participated in was the EX01 - EX04 courses, which involved training and assessment to evaluate those who are potentially working in environments with the risk of an explosive atmosphere. 

Due to the types of electrical contracting work which we provide, it is beneficial that our electricians acquire this knowledge when installing new 'Ex' equipment and carrying out maintenance and inspections on existing equipment.

Superior Electrical Contracting

The CompEx qualification our electricians have achieved is our latest step towards our mission of becoming one of the UK's most trusted Electrical Contractors. With electricians who have a CompEx accreditation, we believe it is the quality of our work and the results we deliver that sets us apart.

What Do Our Contractors Provide?

  1. EX01: Preparing and installing Ex 'd', 'n', 'e' and 'p' electrical kit in an explosive atmosphere
  2. EX02: Inspecting and maintaining Ex 'd', 'n', 'e' and 'p' electrical gear in an explosive atmosphere
  3. EX03: Preparing and installing Ex 'i' systems in an explosive atmosphere
  4. EX04: Inspecting and maintaining Ex 'i' equipment in an explosive atmosphere

The above just gives a brief idea of the many topics covered on the course. From dust protection to gas groups, ignition sources, IP ratings and beyond, the employees who attended the course learnt so much which they will take forward on to future projects.

By having electricians who have acquired this knowledge, you know you can trust us with anything.


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