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CompEx UKAS accredited


What is CompEx?

The CompEx qualification is the most globally recognised accreditation for those working in a variety of demanding and potentially dangerous sectors. Here at Quest Electrical, we are proud to confirm that we have attained this industry-leading qualification. As the CompEx scheme is designed to assess the competency of those who complete it, it is yet more proof of the high calibre of the staff we employ and the electrical contracting work we can complete.

UKAS accredited

CompEx is the only organisation that delivers UKAS accredited qualifications to professionals who work in sectors like electrical contracting. Accredited to the ISO/IEC 17024:2012 standard by UKAS, it demonstrates the competency and knowledge of those who hold it. By successfully gaining this qualification, Quest Electrical are able to provide even more hard proof of why we are the best electrical contractors around.

With practical assessments and tests on industry-specific knowledge included on the course, it shows just why we are experts when it comes to electrical contracting. The staff who successfully completed the course were proud to pick up their CompEx Certificate of Core Competency at the end for the modules they covered. We are not only delighted as a company to help our staff develop and grow but also to then be able to use the skills they learnt to offer more to our customers.

CompEx Electrical qualification EX01 - EX04

As electrical contractors, the Quest Electrical staff who attended were enrolled on the CompEx Electrical course, Modules EX01 - EX04.

But what did the Modules that some of our staff members completed cover? In brief terms, the whole course involves assessment and competency-based training for electrical technicians who may work in environments where there is an explosive atmosphere. In terms of the electrical contracting work we provide, it is ideal for arming our staff with the required knowledge around physically installing new 'Ex' gear and carrying out maintenance on equipment already in place.

Superior electrical contracting

As electrical contractors, the Quest Electrical staff who attended were enrolled on the CompEx Electrical course, Modules EX01 - EX04.

The CompEx qualification we hold is just the latest step in our bid to remain the industry-leading electrical contractor of choice. All our team of electricians have vast experience in the sector which they bring to every project. Here at Quest Electrical, we believe it is the quality of our work and the results we deliver that sets us apart. With this CompEx qualification under our belt to go with our NICEIC approval, we are confident that this will only become truer as the future unfolds.

Call today for more details on how we can help with electrical projects where the CompEx qualification is needed.

The individual modules completed on the course cover:

  • EX01: Preparing and installing Ex 'd', 'n', 'e' and 'p' electrical kit in an explosive atmosphere
  • EX02: Inspecting and maintaining Ex 'd', 'n', 'e' and 'p' electrical gear in an explosive atmosphere
  • EX03: Preparing and installing Ex 'i' systems in an explosive atmosphere
  • EX04: Inspecting and maintaining Ex 'i' equipment in an explosive atmosphere

The above just gives a brief idea of the many topics covered on the course. From dust protection to gas groups, ignition sources, IP ratings and beyond, the employees who attended the course learnt so much to take forward on future projects.

By successfully completing these Modules and gaining the CompEx qualification, Quest Electrical have UKAS accredited proof that our staff are competent and able to work safely in potentially explosive atmospheres. This sets us apart from most of our competition and makes us the people to call if you have an electrical contracting job in an explosive environment.


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