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Data Centres

In an increasingly virtual world where exchange of critical information is getting more and more important, data centers demand an extremely reliable and constant supply of power. They can contain thousands of computer storage devices and they must be always on. Beside that, the data storage devices require specific climate control for ranting operations, including air conditioning and ventilation systems in the facilities in which are housed.

Normally this arrangement is in the form of battery backup and UPS systems, but these are only a short term solution for a few minutes at the most. Emergency backup generators are the most common and useful piece of machinery which can help to generate power for hours until the main supply is back on track.

A standby generator is the most viable and affordable option for handling uninterrupted power supply in the event of long outages. When configured properly this electrical backup system operates automatically in the case of a power failure. An automatic transfer switch senses the power loss within seconds of a utility outage, signals the generator to start functioning, and then transfers the electrical load to the generator. The generator then begins to supply power to the circuits. When the utility power supply is resumed, the electrical load is transferred back to the utility by the automatic transfer switch. The standby generator shuts off and moves into a standby mode where it awaits the next outage without interfering with the functioning of the utility power.

Also in the refrigeration sector you need to ensure that they start whenever required to keep your cell or any critical facility running continuously. Installing an reliable back-up solution from Visa SpA is an affordable investment for commercial applications in order to keep refrigerated goods from spoiling.

Our wide range of generating sets provide reliable and powerful solutions, specifically designed to interact with your systems, control mechanisms and often challenging surroundings, guaranteeing a fast, efficient installation and ongoing rapid emergency support, always in respect of international environment regulations.

Visa SpA has always been committed to providing products that minimize their impact on the environment. To minimize other operational impacts, our gensets are designed to exhibit inherently low noise and low vibrations. With optional advanced sound-attenuated enclosures, even large and high-powered generators can be located near residential areas without effecting the local environment.

Onis Visa offers dedicated solutions for:

- Internet Services Company

- Software Development Company

- Data Center Operators

- Online Retailers

- Refrigeration Systems and Cells

- And in all those situations where data security or keeping your refrigerated good from spoiling is a concern, always meeting worldwide standards.

How does one go about buying backup generators for a data center?

The first step is determining what power-distribution infrastructure will meet the data-center's needs. To accomplish that, Visa SpA recommends:

• Understanding the raised-floor area, heat load, and square area or number of racks, because that will help estimate the facility's total power consumption needs. The outcome will tell you the approximate size of the required power system.

• Defining how power gets to the critical loads.

• Implementing standard power-distribution system architectures, especially when paralleling multiple generators, because this will increase reliability and enhance serviceability.

What to look for in a backup generator

• High-horsepower generator sets: data-center generator sets should be designed specifically for this task, and that includes getting to full speed in seconds. It also means being able to accept full-power loads without affecting the load performance.

• Power distribution: redundancy and reliability of the control systems that switch generators online or control several generator sets running in parallel are critical.

Remote monitoring and control: having digital controls allows remote monitoring and control capabilities. Data-center operators can observe engine and alternator data, control system status, power-transfer status, power-transfer connection status, and load levels.

Dedicated solutions

Lower contaminant gas and polluting emission,in particular CO2 and dust.

Better filtering and contaminant gas emissions purification systems in respect of international environmental regulation.

polluting emission

Visa SpA has extensive experience in the design of acoustic attenuation systems for plant rooms, and of acoustic containers/canopies. Onis Visa systems are bespoke to each client and meet all the EU regulations.

The systems are constructed utilising engines and components that are designed and rated for heavy duty continuous use, thus providing high reliability.

The combination of Visa SpA experience, research and testing has led to the development of products that are sophisticated and easy to operate and maintain.

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