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Emergency power supply systems

Emergency Power Supply Systems: the right choice. Always.

In case of a sudden and unexpected power failure many things can go wrong but thanks to Onis Visa generating sets, power supply is not a problem at all.

Lost revenue, diminished reputation and often-spoiled goods are a cost that no business can afford - not to mention the safety risks associated with power outages. Emergency and standby power systems are designed to provide an alternate source of power if the Mains power supply should fail.

Typically, alternate power sources are made up of one or more diesel generators, sized to carry, at a minimum, any critical and emergency loads. Power is transferred from the main utility supply to the alternate power sources using automatic transfer switches (ATS) whenever the main utility supply is interrupted. A facility may have one or several independent Emergency Power Systems. After utility power returns, the automatic transfer switch transfers the electrical load back to the utility and signals the standby generator to shut off.

Visa SpA is the perfect partner whenever uninterrupted power is needed.

More specifically, emergency power supply systems are essential in the following applications:

Financial institutions, banks, insurance providers

Cut off from work and clients, information systems going down, losing vital data: all of these can result in loss of potential revenue for business.

Whether IT systems are centralized or located in various sales offices, a secure electrical power supply is of strategic importance.

As nowadays business opens up to the global marketplace, it becomes increasingly important for processes to be computerized. Distribution strategies must be innovative and make information easily accessible to customers.

Data exchange and access requirements mean that a break in the electrical power supply or a poor quality supply of electricity could cause significant financial losses that may be difficult to estimate. Financial and insurance institutions and banks equipped with generating sets protect themselves against the occurrence of these types of problems.

To ensure that customers and business are not at risk , Onis Visa genset is the right choice to manage backup power systems.

Hospitals and healthcare institutions

In current times, power cuts in hospitals can have serious consequences. Although such failures are not a common occurrence, they represent a risk which all healthcare institutions must be prepared for. Continuity of power is of vital importance within a hospital or a healthcare facility, where an interruption in the operation of equipment could put patients’ lives at risk. Furthermore, to prevent all possible incidents, regulation requires all such institutions to be equipped with an autonomous and storable back-up energy source.

For this reason it is essential for hospitals to be equipped with a 100% reliable emergency power supply system, capable of producing the correct electrical power even in emergency situations when the availability of electricity is a critical factor. Thanks to the backup on-site generation, patient care equipment will keep running and patients will remain comfortable through power outage. Emergency generating set systems are made up of one or more alternate power sources which can supply the healthcare facility with uninterrupted power during any outage of the main utility-supplied power safeguarding patients’ lives and human safety.

Municipalities & government

The use of generator sets to provide standby power in the event of a power outage is necessary to keep municipal systems in full operation during critical times.

Citizens depend upon emergency services in case of severe and usual situations. Police, fire, and Emergency call centers cannot afford to be without power, even if the rest of the community is. In a severe disaster for instance, you will need power for municipal buildings to establish shelters and command centers. Protect your emergency management infrastructure with reliable standby power.

In public buildings, human safety is ensured by the installation of systems designed in particular to reduce fire hazards and to allow the evacuation of people and the intervention of the emergency services in the event of an interruption to the usual power supply.

Onis Visa emergency power supply system to always keep systems in full operation.

Water treatment

Sewage and water treatment plants remove physical, chemical and biological contaminants from wastewater. Due to the essential nature of these facilities, reliable power is a critical component to maintain 24/7 operations.

The electric power generated by the system can be used to supply the sewage plant itself and the thermal heat generated inside the engine during the combustion process can be utilized for heating up the sewage sludge or for heating the whole facility. In large-scale plants, excessive high-temperature heat that may be available can be used to pasteurize or dry the sewage sludge.

Visa SpA provides specific projects constructed to meet precise specifications and offers high-performance solutions adapted to the needs of this sector, in particular to prevent risks related to personal and property safety.

Schools and universities

Schools and universities, like all public buildings, demand a permanent power supply. The absence of energy would have chaotic consequences and endanger people’s safety.

In public buildings, human safety is ensured by the installation of systems designed in particular to reduce fire hazards and to allow the evacuation of people and the intervention of the emergency services in the event of an interruption to the usual power supply. To ensure that these systems are able to function, many schools and universities choose to use an independent source of energy.

While most homeowners and even some small business could temporary accept a power outage and the losses coming from it, schools need a source of accessible power at all times to keep fire alarms, phone systems, computer networks, and emergency lighting properly working. With a big enough standby generator, even heating, cooling, ventilation, refrigeration, security, and elevator systems can continue to work. These capabilities allow a school to continue fully functioning until normal power is restored.

A generator that is capable of keeping the school fully powered can grant the school stay in session until the end of the regularly scheduled day and even keep the facilities open for days to come if need be.

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