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Power Stations


Power stations are used for small scale production of electric power, and where there is no other easily available alternatives of producing electric power.

Diesel power plants are also popularly used as standby supply of different industries, commercial complexes, hospitals, etc. During power cut, these diesel power generators are run to fulfil required demand.

Visa SpA offers a full range of power generation equipment to suit any application, from a "Prime Power " power stations to Emergency standby Gen Sets, providing you with an overall system solution and service package for complete power stations.

Visa SpA also can provide the additional benefit of planning, producing and operating everything from single genset to entire power generating stations, granting you high-performing system, adaptable to any spatial constrictions and energy requirements.

We provide systems to improve efficiency and reduce costs and environmental impact.

Thanks to our experience in the power business for more than 50 years and the application of state of the art components and technology, we are a reliable partner for our clients. From the initial tender stage, our clients will be fully consulted by experienced people and engineering team to ensure them all the best possible solutions. Our engineering department will support you and provide a customer-oriented solution that is individually tailored to any specific applications and needs, always matching your requirements.

Especially for large and complex power stations, specific consulting and engineering for installation and commissioning is always advisable. We place our experience and our well trained and skilled personnel at your disposal, granting quality and services to support our customers and make them feel more than satisfied.

Onis Visa Power Plant Applications

Onis Visa power plants are easily scaled to fit all your facility’s power needs.

Base supply: Onis Visa applications provide community, city, state or country with the stable electricity upon which people rely to carry out their normal day-to–day activities without interruption.

Peaking: Visa SpA also stays ahead of customers’ needs during times of high power demand with single or multi-engine plants that provide the occasional extra boost of power needed to support the utility supply.

Industrial self generation: Industrial facilities need reliable, uninterrupted electricity to power their daily production. Self generation is a very good option in which they build and operate their own power plant to ensure a constant supply of power for their process without relying on the local grid when it is unstable, unreliable, too expensive or even too far away.

Benefits for Visa SpA customers

- Matching our customers requirements

- Consultancy, Mains studies and integration of industrial distribution systems

- Genset management systems with start /stop and supervision functions

- Instrumentation technology with automatic control of measurement, protection and synchronization

- Installation, supervision and commissioning

- The highest degree of reliability by relying on approved high quality components

- Low emissions, fulfillment of worldwide environmental regulations

- Reliable power supply under all conditions

- Customer training courses either in our factory or at site and support operation of power plant

- Ease of maintenance: longest safe intervals between major overhauls and minimal daily inspection

- Maintenance and customer support service

- Installation planning

Advantages of Diesel Power Station

- Diesel plants can be located at any place and occupy limited space

- They can be quickly procured, installed and commissioned

- The plants can respond to varying loads without any difficulty

- No standby losses

- Plants can be started from cold condition and can take up the load very quickly and they are mostly used for peak load condition in the power system

- These plants maintain higher operational efficiency irrespective of the load

Dedicated solutions for Power Stations

Fuel storage tank

Automatic refilling system

Oil system

Advanced Control panel

ATS – changeover switch panels

Kit cables

Socket kits

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