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What is Emergency Lighting?

Legislation requires all occupied buildings to have adequate escape lighting to allow safe exit should mains power fail. Escape and exit routes in the UK must be lit to a minimum of one lux during an emergency. Emergency light output is approximately 10% of normal levels.

Make sure that in the event of an emergency, you have the right lighting to illuminate the exit path with our range of emergency lighting from QUEST Electrical.

Our range of emergency light fittings include a battery as a backup power source that is continuously charged. All of the emergency light fittings from QUEST can tell when the power has failed and immediately switch to using the backup battery. The battery will power the light fitting for a minimum of 3 hours. To conserve power, the light output from the fitting is reduced, often to 10% of the normal light output.

What are the different types of emergency light fittings?

Maintained Fitting

A maintained fitting will operate as a normal light fitting and be controlled with all the other lights in the area. However, when the power fails the maintained emergency fitting will continue to operate but, at a lower light level.

Non-maintained Fitting

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