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LED Emergency Lighting

LED emergency lighting – why you need it and how we can help

Adequate escape lighting is essential in all occupied buildings to allow for a safe exit should mains power fail. QUEST can advise you on the correct lighting systems to ensure your business complies with legislation. That means you’ll have the right levels of illumination in the event of an emergency, ensuring the safety of your workforce. 

Escape and exit routes in the UK must be lit to a minimum of one lux during an emergency – equal to approximately 10% of normal lighting levels. 

We have the expertise to advise on a range of emergency light fittings to suit your premises. We also partner with the top manufacturers to provide you with only the best quality equipment. 

Our systems include a battery as a back-up power source that is continuously charged to ensure your emergency lighting source is always readily available. When power fails, all of our emergency light fittings immediately switch to using the back-up battery, powering the area for a minimum of three hours. 

To find out more about how we can work with you and to request a quote, call us today on 01282 838000.