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Office Lighting

LED Office Lighting Installations

LED office lighting installations to improve productivity

Modern workplaces are continually looking for flexible lighting systems to enable them to be used in different ways. Zoned work areas are replacing traditional spaces as employees require more flexible ways of working. That means lighting technology has to keep up and that’s where QUEST can help.

We can provide the latest LED office lighting technology to illuminate your modern office scheme, whether it’s an open work space or smaller zones.

Our team of highly skilled electricians work with the latest LED lighting technology to ensure they can advise you on how to get the best from your system.

QUEST is accredited by NICEIC, the leading regulatory authority for the electrical industry in the UK, leaving you assured you’ll receive excellent results at the most competitive rates.

Choosing the right LED office lighting

We recognise how important it is that your business can remain running during any project. No one wants a disrupted workplace while work is ongoing. We have well-established systems in place that ensure we minimise disruption as much as possible. Our experts will tackle one building section at a time so that customers don’t experience any interference to their routine.

The lighting system we design for you will depend on the layout of your office. We will assess the proximity to other buildings, availability of natural light and your personal preferences to determine the lighting design we suggest.

A fully qualified quantity surveyor will meet with you to discuss all these aspects of the work and then conduct a preliminary assessment of your current lighting arrangements. We will then send you a full lighting proposal, including costs.

Office lighting services to improve productivity

Research shows that modern LED office lighting extends the attention span and concentration levels of your employees through bright, motivating lighting that mirrors daylight. This lighting structure ensures that employees are alert and ready to power through the day, improving their productivity.

We can offer

  • Breakout area lighting
  • Meeting room lighting
  • Open office areas lighting
  • Parking and outside area lighting
  • Office reception lighting


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