LED office lighting installation

LED Office Lighting Installations by Professionals

Offices and work spaces throughout UK have been influenced by digital development. The traditional office with territorial work spaces is being continuously replaced by more flexible designs.

Our in house, highly skilled electricians, have been influenced by modern lighting technology. At QUEST Electrical, we provide the latest, future-lit office structures, for open office landscapes with flexible work zones.

At QUEST, we ensure all of our electricians are knowledgeable in the latest office lighting trends. QUEST is accredited by NICEIC, the leading regulatory authority for the electrical industry in the UK. You are assured of excellent results at the most competitive rates.

One common question clients ask is if there will be any major disruption of their regular business day. Our electricians understand how important it is to keep your business operating smoothly. As a result, we have well established systems that ensure we minimise disruption as much as possible.

By tackling one building section at a time, our customers don’t experience any interference to their day. In fact, you won’t even notice our presence.

How do I Pick the Appropriate LED Lighting for My Office?

This will depend mainly on the layout of your office. We will assess Factors such as proximity to other buildings, availability of natural light and your personal preferences will determine the lighting design we put forward.

We start by sending a fully qualified Quantity Surveyor for discussions, and to conduct preliminary assessment of your current lighting. Following this visit we send a full lighting proposal and costs.

Office Lighting Services

Improve the productivity of your employees with light. Research proves that modern LED lighting extends attentions spans and concentration levels through bright, motivating day light equivalent illumination. This lighting structure ensures that employees are alert and ready to power through the day. This is a component of the productive work environment.

Here are some office lighting services that we offer for the empowered workforce:

  • Break out area lighting
  • Meeting room lighting
  • Open office areas lighting
  • Parking and outside area lighting
  • Office reception lighting

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