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Portable Appliance Testing

PAT Testing | Portable Appliance Testing

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is not a legal requirement, however, it’s a great way to reduce electrical risks, such as a fire. Upon completion of your PAT test, you will find peace of mind knowing you and your employees are working in a safe environment. Having a PAT test will allow your business to comply with Electricity at Work Regulations & Health and Safety Legislations. You will also have the ability to demonstrate a duty of care.

What does a PAT test involve?

A PAT test typically involves both a visual inspection and a more in-depth examination using suitable and reliable testing equipment. This includes earth continuity/bond tests, lead polarity, functional checks and insulation resistance inspections.

Each appliance is given a sticker at the end of the test, which will state whether the item passed or failed. It will also have the date of when the next inspection should be carried out, and the initials of the electrician who tested the item.

What happens once the testing is complete?

Once you have received a full inspection and test of all portable appliances, you will receive a detailed PAT report log and associated test results detailing any faults as a PDF document. You can request to have these as a hard copy for an additional fee. This report will identify and locate all portable appliances, as well as any potential problems detected. It will suggest remedial actions required to alleviate the identified fault. We will immediately inform you of any issues that our engineer deems to be dangerous.

What documentation is included?

  1. Detailed PAT report log and register in PDF format by e-mail if required
  2. Defect remedial quotation if required
  3. Individual labels applied to each appliance which state if the item passed or failed

Why choose QUEST to carry out your PAT testing?

Our PAT testers have years of experience, therefore you know you are getting reliable results that you can trust. We work with you to ensure your organisation complies with The Electricity at Work Regulation and Health and Safety Legislations. We are capable of testing all kinds of equipment, from a PC, to a microwave, to a three-phase piece of equipment.


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