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Power & Distribution
to a high NICEIC standard

Power and Distribution


QUEST Electrical are experienced industrial electrical contractors.  We regularly carry our work relating to 3-phase & single-phase power and distribution.  Our team of qualified, accredited and experienced electrical technicians have a proven track record in delivering electrical installations relating to power & distribution across a variety of sectors to a high NICEIC standard. 

Three Phase Distribution Boards

Three-phase distribution boards are usually used and installed in heavy-duty commercial & industrial environments where electrical loading is much more significant and can be balanced out over 3 phases. Three-phase distribution boards distribute the supply from main incoming panels to submain panels, distribution boards and equipment within a commercial and industrial environment.


You can also have separate metering options, surge protective devices & ARC Fault Detection Devices. Various metering devices can be installed within the distribution boards to monitor things like energy consumption within other buildings, plant & equipment, voltage spikes and additional protection against fire caused by ARC faults to which MCB’s & RCBO’s are not able to detect.

QUEST work within large factories, distribution centers & warehouses on a daily basis.  As an experienced industrial/commercial electrical contractor we are able to provide the expertise and specifications on how to plan, manage and install your required products. 


Our unique market offer of having an in house electrical wholesale division provides our customers with a huge advantage.  We are a stockist of all the major brands which enables us to supply all the electrical materials as part of the electrical installation as well as all accessories unique to the product, that saves our customers time, money and provides and efficient means of installation.  

Three phase & single phase distribution boards can be specified according to the load and current required throughout the installation that enables the infrastructure to operate within the threshold and specifications set out from the beginning stages, this enables the electrical infrastructure to grow as the business expands.


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