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Make your business more energy efficient

Power Factor Correction

Power factor correction

Power factor correction can help your business become more energy efficient, saving you money, cutting down carbon emissions and enhancing your corporate reputation.

QUEST can advise you on all aspects of power factor correction, which is often overlooked as an energy-saving method.

To fully understand your power consumption, we have invested heavily in the latest technology and equipment to monitor every second of an organisation’s usage.

Power factor is a method for describing the efficiency of AC power consumption and consists of reactive power and useful power.

Make your business more energy efficient:

  • Useful power (measured in kW) is necessary for the equipment to operate.
  • Reactive power (measured in kVAR) is consumed alongside useful powers but is not useful for the equipment. A lower kVAR lessens the amount of total power consumed, resulting in a lower cost to the business.

Using our expertise, QUEST can examine your power factor and identify any ways you can make savings.

Our service provides forensic reporting across:

  • Maximum power demand
  • Harmonic distortion
  • Measures reactive power
  • Fluctuating dips and swells from load switching
  • How balanced the load is
  • The % volume of supply capacity used
  • Potential savings

The report produced by our technicians and consultants will detail our findings and provide you with proposed solutions to rectify any issues.

We’ve saved customers thousands of pounds and dramatically improved the reliability of their supply thanks to the service we offer.


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