Power Factor Correction

Electrical contracting

Power factor correction can help in your bid for energy efficiency and save you money, cut down carbon emissions and enhance your corporate reputation.

Using high quality components, specialist electrical contractors and the latest technical innovations, Quest provides a complete solution for power factor correction. This - often overlooked - energy saving method can save you money, cut down carbon emissions and enhance your corporate reputation.

What Is ‘Power Factor’?

Power factor is a method for describing the efficiency of AC power consumption. This power consists of two parts – reactive power and useful power:

  • Useful power (measured in kW) is necessary for the equipment to operate.
  • Reactive Power (measured in kVAR) is consumed alongside useful powers but is not useful for the equipment.

Together, these 2 separate powers equal the total power, measured in kVAR. As reactive power is not necessary to complete the task, a lower kVAR lessens the amount of total power consumed, resulting in less cost to the business.

Power Factor is the ratio between useful power and total power. For example, 1.0 would mean all total power consumed is useful power. A ratio such as this is described as unity power. Power factor correction aims for as close to unity power as possible and would typically achieve 0.95-0.98.

To fully understand your power consumption, Quest has invested heavily in the latest technology and equipment to monitor every second of an organisation’s usage. The service provides forensic reporting across:

  • Maximum power demand
  • Harmonic distortion
  • Measures reactive power (RECs charge for excessive use of reactive power)
  • Fluctuating dips and swells from load switching
  • How balanced the load is
  • The % volume of supply capacity used
  • Potential savings

Once the data has been collated and review by our technicians and consultants, the report will detail our findings and provide you with Quest’s proposed solutions to rectify any issues.

This service has provided £1000s of saving for our customers and dramatically improved the reliability of their supply.

Causes of Low Power Factor

Low power factor is common when capacitors or inductors are present in an electrical current. Equipment such as motors, lights and transformers all include capacitors and / or inductors, making equipment such as this a big culprit for low power factors.

Another cause of low power factor is harmonic currents. These currents contribute nothing to the power supply system but do lower the power factor.

Power Factor Correction from QUEST

QUEST provides a complete power factor correction service designed to pinpoint the cause - of and prevent - low power factors. Using high quality components by the likes of Schneider, we ensure real improvements to your energy reduction efforts by stabilising your power factor.

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